AI, should we be afraid?

As part of a tutored project in the first year of DUT Informatique at the IUT of Calais, we formed a group of 3 students consisting of Dufour Victor, Goguillon Olivia and Vitse Maxime, who decided to work on the theme of artificial intelligence.

According to Franck Pengam, all commentators of the emergence of a so-called strong AI agree more or less on the superiority of AI on humans in all areas within 30 to 200 years. (Deep Geopolitics No. 2, March 2018).

Drawing on gigantic databases, algorithms are already so complex that some machines make decisions that humans can not explain to this day. More surprisingly, some AIs detect when a human is trying to change their behavior and can even do anything to oppose the act if it conflicts with the original purpose of the AI.

This progress on AI can therefore seem disturbing and we can legitimately ask ourselves: "AI, should we be afraid of it? "

In a first part, we will present the advantages of AI. Then, we will discuss its limits and the dangers it represents. Finally, we will discuss the legal framework that needs to be put in place to control these risks.